Standio Cube

The Standio Cube is a sleek, self contained, ready to use portable LED display designed for all commercial video display needs. Seamlessly connect multiple units in many configuration options without gaps for the perfect indoor replacement for your outdated backlight and banner signs. There are no limits to how many panels you connect. Multiple mounting options offer flexibility to create the perfect display size for each environment.

Optional display stand or wall mount either vertically or horizontally

Ready to use and easy to set up in Seconds

Standio Cube’s plug and play sleek design allows for easy foldable kickstand set up anywhere even in tight narrow spaces.

Versatile Design

Standio Cube incorporates a slim modern simple design perfect to promote your message at many retail locations, hotels, shopping malls, commercial, restaurants or entertainment environments.

Engage Your Customers with a Bright, High Contrast Vivid Brand Message

Demand attention with the Standio cube. Drive revenue by engaging your customers experience with a creative unique brand message.